How to Add a Tweet Button With Your Twitter Username into

UPDATE (April29, 2012): Though now lets you add your own twitter username when using the Tweet Button. For this you need to set up Publicize feature for Twitter. (Official message from here.)

NOTE: When I enabled this feature, it didn’t work at first. So I disabled and enabled again, and it worked fine for a day or two. IT HAS STOPPED WORKING AGAIN NOW.

But don’t worry.

To create your own tweet button, please go through these steps.

As you know now any tweet looks like this:

Yes! Take a Deep Breath via @wordpressdotcom

You see it automatically adds @wordpressdotcom at the end. I wanted my own username here.

I searched many forums but couldn’t find a solution to add my username, so I thought to create my own one. Which is now active here, you can see it.

It’s functions include:

  • adds my twitter handle / username after the Post Title and URL
  • suggests non-followers to follow me on Twitter
  • shows the main website link after RT

But this will not show the tweets count.

You can test it by using the tweet button below. 😉

How I created it.

If you go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing

As above screenshot shows, you will see a number of options to enable your sharing buttons.

Here on this blog, I am using Facebook Like Button, my custom tweet button, along with StumbleUpon and Google +1.

Since we want to replace tweet button with ours, so we need to add a new services by clicking on the Add a new service link within the box.

By clicking on the link, you shall see a pop up box to add a new service.

1-  Service name:  Tweet / Twitter  (Tip: use block T)

2- Sharing URL:

Of course you will have to change with your website URL (without http://) and mytwittername with your own twitter username.

3- Icon URL:

Now drag the newly created Tweet button into Enabled Services area.

Make sure rest of the sharing setting are as followed in the picture below.

Now save the settings and you should see the new set of buttons working.

This feature is important for people who are regular bloggers, and want to build and connect with their readers.

This is my first of such post, and I hope it shall help you connect with your community.

If you have any question, or can’t make it work for you, just write in comments. I shall respond at my earliest.

One more thing, I would appreciate if you please Follow me on Twitter and give a +1 on Google Plus. It would be worth it, I promise.

About Waqas Ali

Waqas is a blogger and entrepreneur from Pakistan. He is the founder of Markhor, a startup which sells handmade leather goods around the world. He can be reached via  email, , and Facebook

29 thoughts on “How to Add a Tweet Button With Your Twitter Username into

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  2. You my friend are a superstar

    I’ve been getting a decent amount of tweets (i say decent, it’s only a few) and i’ve been intrigued as to who’s been doing them

    Now i will know 🙂

    Take a bow

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)

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  6. Exactly what I was looking for since I was about to start harassing WordPress for stealing my show! 😉 Amazing work. Thanks so much!

    I have one question though. In the “normal” twitter button you can see a light grey number to the right of it that indicates how many have tweeted your post. Would it be possible for you to add that kind of a feature to your button?

  7. This is great! My only problem is that the Twitter bird is not showing up on the button. It is hidden behind the word “Tweet” on the line preview on the Dashboard and is just a blank space to the left of “Tweet” under the actual post. Would you happen to know why this is happening? Thanks!

    • Lauren it is causing because the Icon URL is incorrect in your button.

      In your URL it is 16×16 = 16 cross 16
      When actually it is and should be = 16 small x 16.

      So I’ve just updated the Icon URL by removing the x/cross trouble. Now it shouldn’t create the problem. Just retry and I’m sure it’ll be fixed, otherwise I’m here to help. 🙂

  8. Hi, thanks for the info the button works great1 but…

    Did you know any way to show a counter next to the button?

    like the official twitter button

    thanks again.

  9. I actually would like to bookmark this specific posting, “How to Add a
    Tweet Button With Your Twitter Username into WordPress.
    com | Tweet + Like” on my very own blog. Do you mind if
    perhaps I actuallydo it? Regards ,Rochelle

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