How to Add Random Post Button in

 On a site, a user had this image in sidebar for Random Post.

The idea is when you click on this image/link it takes you to any random post of the blog.

This is quite a good idea for sites with many posts already written.

The link for random post is

So in this case for my blog, it shall be Clicking on this shall take you to any random post at my site.It only works with sites.

I thought to add Random Post button under each post through sharing buttons and managed to do so. You can see it here in my blog under posts.

Here is how I created this.

  • Go to Dashboard » Setting » Sharing
  • In the Available Services section, click on Add a new service

Now a window will appear, fill in the information like below.

1- Service Name: Random

2- Sharing URL:
Add your site address, followed by /?random
Example: or like

3- Icon URL:

Now move this newly created Random button, in Enables Service Area of in the box next to it, if you want to appear it under the more button.

You are all done. Enjoy!

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Waqas is a blogger and entrepreneur from Pakistan. He is the founder of Markhor, a startup which sells handmade leather goods around the world. He can be reached via  email, , and Facebook

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