How to Easily Create Website for Group or Class

If you are a small business owner and want to make a free website as for your internal team, then Google Sites is the way to go. I have seen many teachers for their classes and students clubs are using Google Sites to make such website for internal communication.

Google Sites are free, very easy to create and use, trust worthy.

Best of all, you can control, who can view, or edit sites. Teacher share daily lessons, class notes and other material. Small business use them to discuss product growth etc.

To create a Google Sites, you should use a Google/Gmail account.

When you make a free site, its URL looks like:

Here is a video which explain how easy it is to create and use Google Sites.

But if you own a domain (or buy from Google) you can also use that on your website as well. But that is if you want an official website for your small business or community.

There is tons of help available on internet to help you get start and efficently use Google Sites. Here I my recommendations:

If you have any question for Google Sites, or face any problem using them. Google Sites Help Forum is way to go, ask question there. Other top users shall answer almost immediately.

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