Facebook Now Let You See Edition Made to Any Comment

It is now sometime, when Facebook allowed us to edit any comment we make.

From today I’m seeing this new option, which allows anyone to see the Edition made to any comment. The feature rolls out to me today.

Here are the screen shot:

A comment, which was edited by original author.

Anyone who can see the comment, can see what changes have been made.

See the screenshot below, when I clicked on the Edited.

Earlier when Facebook allowed anyone to make edition to the comment. People sometimes were editing comments after days and weeks, so Facebook now let the followers (or anyone who can see comment) see the Edited history of the comment.


How to find Facebook Profile ID

Earlier we discussed how one can create Facebook username for a profile.

It is like changing your Facebook Profile URL from


into https://www.facebook.com/WaqasADay

But like me, if you are working to make use of some Facebook Apps or social plugin. Sometimes we need to use the profile ID and there is no simple or clear way. But here is what I found, and is how you can do it.

Go to this link:   http://graph.facebook.com/username

Using this URL, you can find ID of any Facebook Profile or Page. Just add the username at the end of the link and it works like bingo.

Two Quick Tips for Your Google Chrome

For 100s of known and unknown reasons, Google Chrome is my favorite web browser. It is fast, efficient and secure. Though Mozilla Firfox and some others are widely used by developers and people with strong programming background. But for an average user like me and you Google Chrome is the best. Continue reading

How to Add a Tweet Button With Your Twitter Username into WordPress.com

UPDATE (April29, 2012): Though WordPress.com now lets you add your own twitter username when using the Tweet Button. For this you need to set up Publicize feature for Twitter. (Official message from WordPress.com here.)

NOTE: When I enabled this feature, it didn’t work at first. So I disabled and enabled again, and it worked fine for a day or two. IT HAS STOPPED WORKING AGAIN NOW.

But don’t worry.

To create your own tweet button, please go through these steps.

Continue reading