New Changes With Tweet Button

Twitter recently made change to the design of its tweet button. In fact the new changes are not just about the update minimal design of the button. But also a hand function is added as well.

The old button, let you tweet the link of page/post. Also it showed how many times the link has been shared on twitter.

It was like this:

Taking a step further, twitter has not only improved the look of design. But also now when you click on the sharing count. It’ll take and show you all the tweets which have url of that page.


How to Add a Tweet Button With Your Twitter Username into

UPDATE (April29, 2012): Though now lets you add your own twitter username when using the Tweet Button. For this you need to set up Publicize feature for Twitter. (Official message from here.)

NOTE: When I enabled this feature, it didn’t work at first. So I disabled and enabled again, and it worked fine for a day or two. IT HAS STOPPED WORKING AGAIN NOW.

But don’t worry.

To create your own tweet button, please go through these steps.

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